12 Records broken from Nicole Gatt

The Malta Weightlifting Association participated in the Mediterranean friendship games held in Siracusa in Sicily from 21nd to 23rd October. These games were organised by the Malta Olympic Committee and Coni Sicilia.

The weightlifting team was made up of three men and a female, Clint Grech, Matthew Muscat Inglott, Rodmar Pulis and Nicole Gatt. Coach Noel Coleiro assisted the athletes while Jesmond Caruana as head of delegation.

Nicole Gatt 14 years old participated in 44kg category, she lifted 36kg snatch and 52kg Clean &Jerk, breaking not less than 12 national records.

Clint Grech and Rodmar Pulis participated in the 77kg Category, Grech had a good competition with a total of 201kg. Rodmar Pulis unfortunately suffered from strained muscle and he could not finish the competition.

While Matthew Muscat Inglott participated in the 94kg category finished with a total of 205kg.