2nd Club Competition & ZKC international

Malta WeightliftingMalta Weightlifting organised its second edition of Club Competition. A fine number of thirty athletes participated in this edition, ten of which were female. Three local clubs – Cottonera, Starmax and Mcast WL Naxxar participated in front of a numerous audience in the Cottonera complex. Alongside this competition, Maltese athletes were also participating in 95 clubs from various countries around the world, with 338 male and 204 female participants.

The competition was a very enthusiastic and competitive one especially between the winning team, that of Cottonera lead by Rodmar Pulis, and the one of Starmax lead by Mark Farrugia, which had, for a lengthy period, been on top. The Cottonera team participated with fourteen athletes and scored a total of 2751, while Starmax partook with thirteen athletes, nine of which were females, with a total score of 2464. The Mcast WL Naxxar club participated with three senior athletes where it scored a total of 883 points. Here it should be said that this club has adopted a new administration lead by Jovan Reljic who is working closely and wholeheartedly towards bettering the educational centre. The competition has proved very encouraging especially towards young talent when involving 26 athletes all under the age of sixteen. Throughout the competition sixteen national records were broken, nine by Ivana Micallef in the category of 75Kg Juniors, six by Nicole Gatt in the category of 53Kg in Youth, Junior, as well as Senior, and one record by Joran Farrugia in the category of +94Kg Youths. The best performing male athlete in the competition was Daniel Serences of Mcast who lifted a total of 270Kg and scored 292 points, ranking the 9th from 26 athletes in the international arena. Nicole Gatt lifted a total of 95Kg and scored 140 points, ranking 14th from 29 athletes despite being only 15 years old.

Internationally, the Starmax team for females had a very good first performance during which it ranked 21st from 63 clubs worldwide. This means winning against large countries such as England, Poland, Australia, Germany, Scotland, America, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Finland and many others.

The competition was lead by Jesmond Caruana, helped by the referees, Alfred Ellul Mercer, Simon Brincat, Stephen Borg, Gayle Caruana u Rodienne Balzan.

The competition was possible with the help from Kunsill Malti ghall-isport.