3 Bronze for Kim in the Europeans

Kim Camilleri Lagana Shines with Bronze Medals at the European Under 15 Championships

In a remarkable achievement for Malta, Kim Camilleri Lagana, a young weightlifter, displayed exceptional skill and determination at the European Under 15 Championships held in Chisinau, Moldova. Competing in the 45kg category this year finals, Kim secured three bronze medals, adding to her previous title as the 2022 European U15 Champion in the 40kg category.

Kim’s journey to success began in the snatch portion of the competition. Starting with a confident lift of 55kg, she then surpassed her personal best by successfully lifting 57kg. This achievement not only secured her a bronze medal in the snatch but also placed her ahead of her Spanish competitor who lifted a kilo less.

Moving on to the Clean and Jerk, Kim started strong with a lift of 69kg, ensuring her position on the podium for the total category. Determined to push her limits, she then successfully lifted 73kg, surpassing her previous performance. Meanwhile, an athlete from Romania attempted 74kg but failed to secure a successful lift.

In a thrilling battle for the silver medal against Ukraine, Kim went all out on her final attempt, lifting an impressive 74kg. Unfortunately, her Ukrainian rival managed to lift 2kg more, securing the silver medal. Nevertheless, Kim’s extraordinary performance solidified her reputation as a fierce competitor.

Notably, Kim set new national records during the competition. With her 74kg lift in the Clean and Jerk, she surpassed the previous record in that category. Additionally, her total of 131kg, combining her snatch and Clean and Jerk lifts, set a new record for weightlifting in Malta.

The overall competition was won by Ukraine, with Bulgaria securing the second position. Kim remarkable achievements and medals brought great pride to Malta, highlighting her potential for future success in international weightlifting competitions.

Kim Camilleri Lagana outstanding performance in the European Under 15 Championships serves as an inspiration to aspiring weightlifters in Malta and showcases the country’s growing presence in the international weightlifting community.

The second athlete on the platform for Malta in the European Youth Championships this week was Kaya Curmi Inguanez, another talented young athlete. Competing in the Youth group’s 45kg category, Kaya showcased her skills and determination, earning herself commendable rankings in the Snatch, Clean & Jerk and overall standings.
Despite it being her first experience on such a prestigious platform, Kaya Curmi Inguanez displayed unwavering composure throughout her performance and clinched an impressive  5th position overall.
In the Snatch event, she successfully lifted 51kg, matching her personal best.  She then solidified her result by lifting 63kg in the Clean & Jerk. In a bid to secure the silver medal, Kaya took on the challenge of lifting 66kg in the Clean & Jerk. Unfortunately, she was unable to complete the lift, falling short of standing up with the clean. Despite this setback, this competition was an excellent experience for the young athlete.