A week of seminars

The Malta weightlifting association organised a week of seminars.

Jesmond Caruana opens the seminar with the topic about technical aspects during competition for Technical officials, coaches and athlete.

Rodmar Pulis conducted a seminar about anti doping.

The fourth day of seminars was opened by EWF President Dr. Antonio Urso, after a brief address Prof. Michele Fiorino conducted the seminar about Biomechanics. The practical part was video analysis of on the Snatch.

5th Day of seminar, Morning session: balance test before training session and after. Francesco Riccardo conducted seminar about psychology (Team Building)

5th Day of seminar, Evening session: Posture tests and after evaluation for each individual athlete from tests taken during morning session by Carlo Varalda.

6th Day of seminar, morning practical session, was focused to help the athletes to increase their flexibility in different ways, learn how to use their strength, different methods to increase their coordination, how to increase their core strength and mental preparation. The afternoon session was evaluation for each individual athlete from tests taken a day before by Carlo Varalda. Francessco Riccardo with the topic of mental preparation and Antonio Urso concluded the seminar with technical aspects.

Thanks to IWF & EWF development program together with Preplay and SportMalta successfully we came at the end of a full week of seminars