Another great performance by Thornton in Qatar

Tenishia Thornton, 7th place at IWF Grand Prix, an Olympic Qualification event.
In a remarkable display of determination, Tenishia Thornton showcased her strength and skill at the IWF Grand Prix in Qatar, a crucial Olympic qualifier. Despite facing intense competition, Thornton secured a commendable 7th place with a total lift of 191kg in the 64kg category, marking her best performance in qualification events to date.
The snatch segment saw Thornton open with a solid 83kg, followed by another successful lift at 86kg. Although narrowly missing her third attempt at 88kg, she demonstrated resilience heading into the Clean & Jerk phase. Starting with a successful 101kg, Thornton faced a setback with a failed 105kg attempt on her second try. However, she rebounded impressively, nailing the lift on her third and final attempt.
What makes Thornton’s achievement even more noteworthy is that she felt sick just three days prior to the competition. Despite feeling unwell, she overcame the odds, underlining her commitment to the sport.