Bronze for Malta

On Saturday, April 25th, the Maltese Weightlifting team took part in the 37th edition of the European Small Nations Weightlifting tournament held in the Republic of Monaco. Representing the team were Ryan Aguis, Kyle Micallef, Krista Camilleri, Rodmar Pulis and Jovan Reljic, who went head to head against Cyprus, Iceland, Luxembourg, San Marino and hosts Monaco.


First to take to the podium was newcomer to the national tram Krista Camilleri, with this being her first international competition. Regardless of this pressure, Camilleri had a solid performance, lifting 61kg in the Snatch and 78kg in the Clean and Jerk, with a total of 139kg and 176 ‘Sinclair’ points and with this, she broke no less than three national records in her weight class.


Following Camilleri, the Mens competition commenced, seeing both Rodmar Pulis and Jovan Reljic taking part. Reljic managed to achieve a total of 228kg and with this accumulate 279 points. Pulis was even more successful, having lifted a 132kg clean and jerk on his very last attempt and securing a 232 total which then gave him 291 points.


It was then the turn of Ryan Aguis, who had a somewhat shaky competition, securing his first Snatch attempt of 107kg, however failing hid remaining two attempts. In the Clean and Jerk, Agius successfully lifted 127kg which then allowed him to secured an all-important total which provided him with 284 points to contribute to the final result. Last but not least, Kyle Micallef took to the podium with great success, lifting 118kg in the Snatch portion of the competition, and only narrowly missing his final attempt at 121kg, which would have broken the current national record by a kilo. In strikingly similar fashion, Micallef lifted 142kg in his second Clean and Jerk and was unfortunate on his final record-breaking attempt of 147kg. Both records have been unbroken for over ten years. With this, Micallef secured a total of 312 points.


The overall result saw the Malta team claiming third place, behind Cyprus and Iceland respectfully, with the highest amount of points amassed in recent years in this competition, which goes to show the level of the sport on the Island has been improving at a steady pace, with continued success.


The participation and success of this competition could not have been possible without the help of the European Weightlifting Federation, Kumitat Malti ghall-Isport and Malta Olympic Committee.