Bronze Medal for Zammit Stevens

The third athlete to compete for Malta at the IWF World and Commonwealth Championships, Yazmin Zammit Stevens, managed to win a bronze medal in the Commonwealth Part of the event. 

The 64kg category proved to be one of the most competitive groups so far with many athletes lifting within 1kg of each other.
Olympian Zammit Stevens finished with 84kg in the snatch and 103kg in the clean and jerk; strategic lifts carefully planned by coach Jesmond Caruana in order to out-lift the Indian athlete who was also fighting for a medal.
Zammit Stevens also managed to beat commonwealth countries New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh while also beating 2 Icelandic athletes, Denmark, Greece and the Philippines. 
This competition was an important qualification event for the upcoming Commonwealth Games that are set to take place next summer in Birmingham.