National Championship 2022

The annual MWA National Championships was successfully organised this past weekend with top results from Tenishia Thornton (59kg) and Anton Micallef (81kg). The cadet competition was the first one on the schedule and saw NSS student Nathan Mifsud being named National Champion in this age group followed by Luca Said in second place. Mifsud finished the

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European Small Nations Championship

    The Weightlifting European Small Nation Championships & the Cyprus Junior International Open were successfully organised in Limassol.   Best result came from Tenishia Thornton winning the best individual female title with 255 points, Iceland in 2nd with 229 points and Roberta Tabone finishing in 3rd with 226 points. The combination of their scores

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Tenisha Thorton at European Juniors

Tenisihia Thornton just competed at this year’s European Junior and U23 Weightlifting Championships in Durres, Albania. The 17-year-old is still a youth athlete and was therefore competing against athletes up to 3 years older than her.  She finished the snatch portion of her competition with 78kg on her first attempt, but unfortunately missed her 2nd

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