Coaching Development Framework

Jesmond Caruana for Malta Weightlifting  participated in the Coaching Development Framework organised by EWF in Rome 17-19.01.2014.

The coaching environment is constantly changing. In many European countries weightlifting coaching has been largely confined to “grass-roots activity”, flourishing on the willingness of amateurs and volunteer coaching. The voice of the coach is essential for future development. This forum is here to understand the realities and “ raise the bar”, find a mechanism to what we can do. This framework must also be adaptable to work in any country.

The forum will provide a platform for exchange and networking , discussions on innovation , best practices , latest developments in coach education and development . This will impact on all coaches in a range of contexts and sport participation from introductory to intermediate levels.

Coaching expertise comes from “in the trenches” learning , guided by experience , mentoring and learning the “tricks of the trade”; these essential abilities. For this framework to be successful there must be mutual recognition not duplication of the process. Recognised prior learning (RPL) not duplication of their efforts, focusing on the direct relationship between theory and practice , education and training.