European Small Nations Tournament LUX 2012



On the 28th of April a team of Weightlifters from the Maltese Association took part in the Small Nations Tournament held in Luxembourg.

The Maltese squad was made up of Jovan Reljic, Noel Coleiro, Matthew Muscat Inglott accompanied by Coach Stephen Borg. The Maltese team managed to clinch the silver medal being surpassed with just a few points from Luxembourg. The Maltese succeeded in overcoming countries like Cyprus, San Marino and Monaco.

The Competition was held in two groups. Jovan competed in the first group and lifted a total of 206Kg, 11Kg more over his best results. This was also the first international experience for Jovan.

Coleiro and Inglott competed in the second group. They both had difficult starts in the snatch but were able to recover well and finished with a total of 227Kg each.

It has to be said that the Maltese athletes recorded their best ever results.