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Team Competition

Team event rules 01.09.2023

  • The number of athletes in each team will be decided after the registration of athletes.
  • Registration for competition will close a week before the event (25.08.2023)
  • The teams will be selected on competition day after weigh-in. Athletes that will not be present at weigh-in will be automatically disqualified.
  • Teams will be selected according to MWA ranking list, thus every team will be balanced.
  • Each team will be made from male and female athletes of different age groups.
  • Those athletes that are not listed in the MWA ranking list can still compete and they will join teams randomly.


  1. Each athlete have 30 seconds to lift the high number of Snatch.
  2. After all athletes conclude the Snatches, each athlete will have 30 seconds to lift the highest number of Clean and Jerks.
  3. All lifts must be according to technical rules and each lift needs to be adjudicated by competition referees.
  4. Starting lifts must be multiples of 5kg Ex: 40kg-45kg-50kg-55kg-60kg etc…..
  5. Weight on the bar cannot be changed during the sequence of the lift
  6. All lifts done by the athlete will be added together and multiplied by Sinclair points.
  7. All team lifts will then be added together for final result.
  8. The team with the highest Sinclair points will be declared the winner of the competition.

Example, Male Athlete – Body weight 76.30kg = 1.303 Sinclair points

Snatch: 50kg + 50kg + 50kg + 50kg + 50kg + 50kg + 50kg + 50kg = 400kg x 1.303 = 521.20 points

Clean & Jerk: 75kg + 75kg + 75kg + 75kg + 75kg + 75kg = 450kg x 1.303 = 586.35 points.

Total:  521.20 + 586.35 = 1107.55 points.


Marsaskala Square