First event since COVID-19

The Malta Weightlifting Association organised the first competition since the COVID-19 pandemic at the Cottonera Sport Complex. 

The meeting has proved to be very successful in terms of participation as well as results.

While the gyms were closed down due to the pandemic restrictions, most local weightlifters set up shop in their home garages thanks to the MWA who provided them with full equipment.

It was evident the athletes were still in top shape as more national records and personal bests were set in this first competition post gym lock downs.
First group to compete were the Cadets Girls under 12 years. Kim Camilleri Lagana managed to win this group weighing in at 31kg and lifting 33kg Snatch, 42kg Clean and Jerk and totaling at 75kg. This total is equivalent to 177points and was also good enough to set 5 records in the 32kg category.

In second place Julia Grima at just 10 years of age with a bodyweight of 41kg managed 31kg Snatch and 41kg Clean and Jerk, finishing with a total of 72kg equivalent to 129points. Grima also managed to set 8 records in the 45kg category.

She was followed by Aaliyah Gatt with a bodyweight of 33kg lifting 24kg Snatch and 30kg Clean and Jerk, finishing with a total of 54kg; equivalent to 123points. Aaliyah also managed to set 7 records in the 36kg category.
 In the cadet boys; Nathan Mifsud (10y/o) won this group by lifting a total of 44kg scoring 102 points. 
In the youth girls U-15 and U-17 competition was dominated by Tenishia Thorton. She is currently dealing with a wrist injury and so her coach decided it was best to compete doing power lifts (power lifts are ones were the catch position is done at parallel or higher and not a full squat) in a higher weight category.

She successfully lifted 53kg snatch and 70kg Clean and Jerk finish with a total of 123kg scoring 191points. Thornton managed to set 15 national records in the 55kg category both U-15 and U-17.

Thornton is currently preparing for a number of major International Championships and so the decision to safeguard her wrist during this meet was a wise one. Good results came from Mariah Bugeja lifting a total of 96kg scoring 127points.
14 y/o Rylee Borg, who is now considered a veteran in the sport, improved his best total by a massive 11kg. He finished the meet with 70kg snatch and 88kg clean and jerk. He also set 8 national records in the 61kg weight category for the U-15s and 5 national records in the U-17s.
In the seniors group; Yazmin Zammit Stevens finished with a respectful 83kg in the snatch and 103kg clean and jerk to total at 186kg. She is currently in the beginning stages of her preparation for the upcoming European Championships set to take place in Russia this Oct/Nov. these Championships will be another Olympic qualification event for the now 2021 Olympics.
The men’s senior group was won by Anton Micallef who finished with 105kg in the snatch and 135kg clean and jerk in the 81kg weight class.

He was followed by Shaun Ciantar, also in the 81kg class, who managed a 105kg snatch and 126kg clean and jerk. Youth team coach and veteran lifter Rodmar Pulis finishes in 3rd place with 93kg snatch and 130kg clean and jerk. Pulis closely missed his last attempt of 135kg clean and jerk. 
The Maltese lifting national team will be continuing their preparing for multiple international meets and will also be participating in a local training camp with renowned coach Tamas Feher.