Four National Records by Pulis

The second qualifying Competition held by The Malta Weightlifting Association was won by Noel Coleiro. Coleiro lifted a total of 239Kg gaining him a total of 279.26 points. Following Coleiro was Christian Saliba who lifted a total of 205Kg obtaining him 245.59 points. Rodmar Pulis came third place with a total of 188Kg. and acquiring 239.67 points. These three lifters will be representing Malta in the Small Nations Tournament which will be held in Monaco next April.

It has to be noted that the most outstanding performance in this competition was that of Rodmar Pulis who managed to break four national records. The first record was achieved when he made a clean and jerk of 108Kg he exceeded this lift by another one of 110Kg breaking the records of the 77Kg Youths Category as well as the 77Kg Juniors. Other participating athletes in the qualifiyings were Kristian Mintoff with 221.63 points, Ryan Agius with 221.46 points and Cleaven Cutajar with 136.12 points.110 C&J