Good results in the ZKC international

The Malta Weightlifting Association recently participated in the ZKC international club tournament organized by the Oceania weightlifting.

Maltese clubs participated against 49 other clubs from 18 different countries including USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, Singapore and many other oceanic islands.

This is one of the biggest competitions with the number of participants reaching a total of 619; 385 men and 234 women.

The results for Maltese clubs were very good with the best men’s team going to Cottonera High performance center who finished with a score of 48 points placing 21st from 49 clubs.

Very good results came from the Pit Club women’s team with a score of 66 points placing 10th out of 48 clubs.

Best individual results for men came from Kyle Micallef placing 4th out of 68 participants in the 85kg lifting a total of 271kg. Other excellent results came from Rodmar Pulis who placed 5th out of 62 participants in the 77kg category lifting a total of 256kg.

Best individual results for the women came from Yazmin Zammit Stevens placing 5th and Pamela Psaila placing 6th out of 35 participants in the 63kg lifting a total of 149kg and 143kg respectively. Other excellent for Jessica Borg Gigho placing 7th out of 33 participants in the 75kg category lifting a total of 148kg.

Many other local athletes had a very pronising performances such as Ryan Agius who finished 13th /68, Martin Pisani who placed 18th /41, Matthew Camilleri finishing 20th/68, Dorianne Attard ended in11th place out of 28 participants, Kristen Borg finished in 16th/28 and Elisia Scicluna who placedĀ  20th/44