Great experience for young athletes in Sicily

Six athletes of the Malta Weightlifting Association, along with many other Sicilian counterparts, have taken part in a training camp in Palermo. The training camp proved to be a great success and an excellent learning experience for our local weightlifters as they continue to improve and enhance the technical level of the sports on the Island., under the experienced guidance of Aldo Radicello, Salvatore Parla, Giovanni Scarantino, accompanied by Malta Weightlifting Association President Jesmond Caruana, and also with the help of a new, state-of-the-art computer system for technical analysis.

The finale of the camp saw the a tournament organized by the Sicily Weightlifting Federation in memorial of Antonio Oneri, in which Matthew Muscat Inglott and Nicole Gatt joined the Maltese team.

Gatt took to the podium first, and in spectacular fashion out-pointed her Sicilian rival, also breaking three Maltese national records along the way, with a 67KG Clean and Jerk in her weight class of -53kg.

In the second group, young lifter Malcolm Camilleri, 13, gave a solid performance totaling 104kg, breaking three national records in his -50kg Youth class. It is worth mentioning that this was Camilleri’s first experience in the international scene.

In the third and final group competition, Malta was represented by six athletes. First in the group was Owen Bugeja, 14, who totaled 155kg, breaking two national records in the -94kg Youth class. Twins Hayden and Joran Farrugia also gave a good performance.. Next up was Kieran Mifsud, 14, who totaled 170kg for a superb result which racked up a total of 210 points, greatly strengthening the position of the Maltese Team. This was the first international competition for all of the four young athletes. The last two lifters to take to the podium were Rodmar Pulis and Matthew Muscat Inglott, whose experience was called upon to edge Malta towards better position. Pulis, recovering from minor injuries, gave a solid performance, lifting a total of 226kg, and therefore gaining 275 points, while Muscat Inglott totaled 233kg and 262 points. Both these athletes faced tremendous pressure to perform their personal bests in order for the Maltese team to have a fighting chance at beating the host team, Sicily. In superb fashion, both lifters attempted a 140kg and 141kg Clean and Jerk and were successful, racking up a total of 1103 points for the Maltese team. However, Sicily was still the stronger of the two, totaling 1129 points. Athletes from the club in Palermo, all of whom train under the tutelage of Maesto Oneri won the competition. The overall winner was Corsale Bonfardino, with 288 points, followed by Flavio Bonfardino 277 points and Rodmar Pulis’ 275 points.


The entire event was made possible by the help of Malta Sports Council as well as the Malta Olympic Committee.