J. Caruana reconfirmed President of MWA

TheMalta Weightlifting Association (MWA) organized its Annual General Meeting at which Jesmond Caruana has once again been confirmed the position of President of the Association with no other contestants for this position.

In deciding for the Committee for the next term will be as follows: J. Caruana President, J. Vassallo General Secretary, R. Borg Treasurer, M. Pisani and R. Pulis board members.

Presentations of the reports highlighting the successes of the year were also presented, and these included international competitions both for the National Team as well as individual achievements, with 21 athletes and 15 officials representing Malta throughout the year. These various events included the Commonwealth Games, Youth Olympic Games, World and European Championships as well as a number of regional championships including the Mediterranean Cup and European Small Nations, among others. Lastly four international training camps were also organized.

These opportunities may have contributed to improvements among the locals athlete’s performances, as 121 national records were broken and medals achieved at the international scene. Also worthy of mention is that new training centers have been set up in different locations.

A thorough plan of action for this year and the upcoming were also presented, with the closest activity being the Mediterranean Weightlifting Cup to be organised in Malta between 19th to 22nd March in conjunction with this competition an international seminar shall also be hosted.

The MWA wishes many thanks to the MOC, KMS, IWF, EWF, MWC, among others which are the backbone of our success.