Jessica Edge in the CWG Glasgow

The weightlifting contingent for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games was made up of athlete Jessica Edge and coach Stephen Borg. The Maltese Weightlifting Association considers the weightlifting participation of the Maltese athlete a success. This is due to the achievement of 7 new Maltese National records and the paritcipation and inclusion of a Maltese athlete in the weightlifting event.

The records were obliterated starting with Jessicas first Snatch attempt of 57kg, followed by 61kg then finishing on 64kg. This equated to the existing record being broken by 14kgs. Another achievement was 3 successful snatch attemps in competition. Following the snatches further records were broken in the clean and jerks. The first attempt of 78kg followed by 81kg secured new Clean and Jerk and total records. This equated to the existing clean and Jerk record being broken by 13kgs.

With the Snatch and the Clean and Jerks completed the new total Maltese national record was broken by 27kgs. The athlete finished on a total of 145kgs with the previous record being 118kgs.