Alpha Club organised senior competition.

The Alpha weightlifting Club  has organised its second competition for this year. This was dedicated for senior athletes. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, competition was organised for small group athletes. 

This competition saw the return of Elisia Scicluna who took on the platform. She managed to perform all six lifts successfully, finishing with top lifts of a 74kg snatch and 93kg clean and jerk.

More successful results from men group came from Shaun Ciantar in the 73kg category who finished with 104kg snatch and 121kg clean and jerk. In the 81kg category Matthew Abela finished with 87kg snatch and 102kg clean and jerk. In the 89kg category Matthew Camilleri finished with 100kg snatch and 124kg clean and jerk. Vlad Baldacchino had a good start in the 102kg category with 125kg snatch opener but then failed to continue with the competition.