Latest Events

1. ZKC email club Tournament
COTTONERA CLUB finished in very respective position 41th place from 107 clubs around the world, the two athletes that gained points for the club ate Noel Coleiro with 7 points and Emanuel Schembri with 12 points.
Mcast club Naxxar
69 kg category Ryan Agius 43th from 60 participants
Cottonera club Cospicua
77kg category Clint Grech 34th from 85 participants
85kg category Rodmar Pulis 39th from 61 participants
94kg category Noel Coleiro 19th from 56 participants (7 points)
Stephen Borg 31st from 56 participants
+105kg category Emanuel Schembri 14th from 30 participants (12 points)