Ljubljana Open and Training Camp

A team of young athletes led by coach Rodmar Pulis recently participated in a week-long training camp in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The team comprised Nathan Mifsud, Aaliyah Gatt, Kaya Curmi Inguanez, Rheanna Briffa, and Mariah Bugeja, and was successful under the guidance of Damjan Canzek.

During the training camp, the athletes competed in the Ljubljana Open alongside teams from Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Slovenia. The results were very encouraging, with the best result coming from Kaya Curmi Inguanez, who won a bronze medal in her group.

Overall, the training camp was a valuable opportunity for the young athletes to gain experience and compete against international opponents. With the guidance of their coach and continued dedication to their sport, these promising young athletes have the potential to achieve even greater success in the future.