Malta hosted the Mediterranean Cup

Great Results for Maltese Athletes at the Mediterranean Weightlifting Cup and the Malta International Open 7th to 8th October.

Malta played host to two exciting weightlifting competitions, showcasing the impressive skills of its athletes on the international stage. Organized by the Malta Weightlifting Association, these events not only provided thrilling displays of strength and determination but also marked significant achievements for the Maltese athletes.

Both competitions featured a unique format, combining team events consisting of three men and three women with individual rankings. The results brought pride to Malta and its weightlifting community.

In the individual rankings, Tenishia Thornton emerged as a standout performer. She claimed the Gold in the Malta Open Juniors and the Silver in the Seniors category, lifting a remarkable total of 190kg and amassing a score of 252.77. Her Clean and Jerk of 107kg set both Mediterranean and National Records, solidifying her status as a rising star in the sport. Malta celebrated her success, with Belgium securing the second spot with 247.2 points and Italy closely behind with 245.54 points.

Rylee Borg delivered another outstanding performance, lifting a total of 246kg and accumulating 314.46 points to secure Gold in the Youth category. Borg’s exceptional display also resulted in new national records in both snatch and total. France followed in second place with 280.73 points, while San Marino took the third position with 245.52 points. Borg also clinched the Silver in the Malta Open Juniors, further enhancing Malta’s presence in the competition.

Kim Camilleri Lagana added to Malta’s medal tally by winning Gold in the Youth category with a total lift of 129kg and a score of 214.92 points. Belgium secured the second position with 198.90 points, and Aaliyah Gatt from Malta rounded out the top three with a score of 182.73 points.

In the Malta International Open Senior Team event, Malta claimed the second spot, with a team consisting of Rylee Borg, Ryan Degiorgio, Luke Treeby Ward, Kim Camilleri Lagana, Aaliyah Gatt, and Monica Swayne. Ireland took the top honors, while Belgium secured third place.

The Mediterranean Cup Seniors showcased yet another strong showing by Malta, securing third place in the team event with 1683 points. The team, composed of Tenishia Thornton, Yazmin Zammit Stevens, Roberta Tabone, Anton Micallef, Vlad Baldacchino, and Shaun Ciantar, exhibited remarkable performances. Egypt dominated the competition, finishing in first place with 1904 points, while France claimed the second position with 1696 points.

In the Mediterranean Cup Women Seniors’ individual rankings, Tenishia Thornton’s impressive performance landed her in the fourth position with 252.77 points, narrowly missing the top three spots, which were secured by France (254) and Italy (255). Egypt took the top spot with 264.88 points.

In the Men’s individual rankings, Italy secured the first place with 410 points, followed by two Egyptian athletes. The highest-ranking Maltese athlete in this category was Anton Micallef, who finished in the tenth position with 323 points.

These remarkable achievements would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of volunteers, as well as the support of organizations including SportMalta, MWC, IWF, EWF, MOC, MTA, and various sponsors.

In addition to the impressive athletic performances, The weekend’s competitions not only showcased the talent and dedication of Maltese weightlifters but also demonstrated Malta’s growing presence in the international weightlifting community. Congratulations to all the athletes and organizers for a successful and memorable weekend of competition.

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