Malta Open Championship

This past weekend, the Malta Weightlifting Association organised the Malta Open Championships at the Cottonera Sport Complex.

Nice number of athletes of different age groups competed in this yearly event. In the Cadets category the result is based on doing all lifts with high technique. Great results came from Gabriel Frendo and Matthias Mifsud placing in first and second place respectively while Sheldon Briffa claimed 3rd place.

In the under-15 boys, Nathan Mifsud claimed 1st place with 201 points, he lifted 52kg snatch that was also a national record for the 49kg category. With his 63kg Clean and Jerk finished with a total of 115kg. He was followed by Luca Said with 104 points and Nathan Balzan with 97 points.

In the under-15 girls, Aaliyah Gatt easily win this group with 176 points, she lifted a total of 121kg. She was followed by Kacey Incorvaja 105points and Yazmin Camilleri 89 points.

In the under-17 girls, Kaya Curmi Inguanez claim 1st place with 186 points, she lifted a total of 111kg. She was followed by Aaliyah Gatt. Mikela Bugeja Gatt claimes 3rd place with 129 points and a total of 118kg.

Rylee Borg won both the under 17 and the Under 20 age groups with 290 points. He set new national records in the 81kg category U17, U20, U23, with a snatch of 109kg and 110kg on his extra attempt.

Curmi Inguanez also claimed first place in the U-20 followed by Gatt. Mariah Grima in 3rd place with 170 points and a total of 115kg, very close finish with Mariah Bugeja with 168 points  and a total of 136kg.

In the women seniors Yazmin Zammit Stevens won the group with 233points and a total of 182kg, she was followed by Roberta Tabone with 228 points and 184kg total. Curmi Inguanez placed 3rd place with 186.47 points very close |Monica Swayne with 186.13 point. Very challenging result came from Luana Vella that finished in 5th place with 181 points.

Very strong battle in the men seniors were the athletes were very close to each other. Anton Micallef won this group with 304 points lifting a total of 250kg. Vlad Baldacchino 296 points and 266kg total. Rylee Borg again claimed 3rd place with 290.08 points, very close Shaun Ciantar with 289.69 points. Good result from Ryan Degiorgio with 265 points.