Malta Open Championship 2013

On 26th May saw the Malta Open Championship, held at Cottonera Sports Complex. This event in particular came as a great satisfaction to the many individuals who have, over the years, painstakingly contributed to the advancement of the sport, such as President Jesmond Caruana – a total of forty (40) athletes took part and made the event a memorable one, particularly due to the fact that a vast majority represented the young talent.

With a clear improvement in technique and number of athletes, it is clear that the bar has now been raised – no pun intended – for the local sport of Olympic Weightlifting. In the Female’s section of the competition, Francesca Mercieca topped the list, followed by Beatrix Galea Camilleri and Anthea. The Under-15s was won by Kerian Mifsud, who was preceded by Malcolm Camilleri and Owen Bugeja. The Under-17 Juniors category was a success thanks to the efforts of Mifsud, Camilleri, and Bugeja.

Overall, the Juniors category was won by Rodmar Pulis followed by Kieran Mifsud and Hayden Farrugia. The Seniors was conquered by Matthew Muscat Inglott with an impressive 273 points, followed by Rodmar once more and at third position, the determined Charles Degiorgio.