Malta team in Challenge 210 tournament

The Maltese National Weightlifting Team has just returned from the Swiss town of Tramelan, Bern, were it participated in the largest competition in the sport the country has ever seen. The competition, named Challenge 210 took place on 26th October. A total of 131 athletes from six different countries participated, including France, Germany, Monaco, Italy, Malta and host nation Switzerland. The Maltese team was composed of three lifters, including new comers Ryan Agius and Martin Pisani, with Jovan Reljic as the more experienced of the three. They were under the watchful eye of coach Charles Degorgio and managed by Malta Weightlifting Association officer Jesmond Vassalo. All three athletes secured a stellar performance amidst strong competition pressure – with personal bests all round. Martin Pisani secured a 94kg Snatch and a 115kg Clean and Jerk, while Ryan Agius secured a 80kg Snatch following up with a 100kg Clean and Jerk. Last to take the podium was Jovan Reljic, who after a somewhat shaky start with his first attempt, came back to Snatch a 100kg and Clean and Jerk 120kg, narrowly missing his final attempt at 125kg. With that, the final overall rankings, out of 131 athletes had Reljic at 20th place, Ryan Agius at 50th and Martin Pisani at 60th place. It is worthwhile mentioning that for Agius and Pisani, this was their first experience representing Malta at international competition. The Malta Weightlifting Association holds high hopes for these athletes as they continue to pursue personal bests.


The competition was possible with the aid of the Malta Olympic Committee and the Federation of Switzerland.