More medals for Malta

The Malta Weightlifting Team showcased remarkable prowess in the recently concluded European Small Nations Championships held in Monaco with Tenishia Thornton leading the charge as the standout athlete.

Thornton’s dominance was evident as she clinched the title of best female lifter in both Junior and Senior categories, smashing four national records in the 64kg category. Thornton had a formidable competition lifting all her 6 lifts, 85kg ,87kg and 89kg in Snatch and 104kg, 107kg, 110kg in the Clean & Jerk for a total of 199kg. Tenishia also won the Female Doubles along with her team- mate Roberta Tabone, who also crucial to the Maltese success. Tabone produced a solid performance with 87kg in the Snatch and 104kg in the Clean & Jerk for a total of 191kg. This performance was a solid testament of the diligent preparation that both athletes are doing for the upcoming IWF World Cup being held in Thailand

Another very creditable result came from 17 year old Rylee Borg, who won the best Junior Male athlete with 110kg in the Snatch and 143kg in the Clean & Jerk, totalling 253kg. Maltese youngster Nathan Mifsud also finished on the Junior U20 podium after winning the bronze medal at the age of 14. Mifsud showcased impeccable execution across all six lifts hitting 64kg, 67kg and 69kg in the Snatch and 78kg, 81kg and 83kg in the Clean & Jerk, totalling 152kg with a body weight of only 51kg, breaking a number of national records in the U15 category. Nathan also finished in first place with his teammate Kim Camilleri Lagana in the Junior U20 category.

Kim Camilleri Lagana produced another solid performance claiming the silver medal in the Junior U20 category lifting 59kg in the Snatch and 79kg in Clean & Jerk for a total of 138kg.

The Male Doubles team claimed the bronze medal with the team being composed of Rylee Borg and Anton Micallef who also had a very creditable performance. He finished the competition with 117kg in the Snatch and 138kg in the Clean & Jerk, totalling 255kg.

In the Senior Mixed team category, the Maltese team composed of Thornton, Tabone, Borg and Micallef won the silver medal our of 8 countries including Cyprus, Gibraltar, Iceland, Monaco, Luxembourg, Faroe Islands and San Marino. This category was won by Iceland.

The Maltese lifters’ stellar performance not only brought home medals but also highlighted their dedication and skill on the international stage, solidifying Malta’s presence in the weightlifting community. This competition was possible with the help of the Maltese Olympic Committee and Sportmalta