More National Records

March 12, 2023
 Malta weightlifting competed as a guest in the French cup with Tenisha Thornton and Kim Camilleri Lagana.
First on the platform Kim Camilleri Lagana did amazing results, opening with 53kg  Snatch  and continued successfully the following attempts of 55kg and 57kg. In the Clean & Jerk she started at 70kg, topping to 72kg. On her third and final attempt at 74kg  unfortunately she missed her Jerk. She managed to set 20 national records in the 45kg category with 57kg Snatch, 72kg C&J and two totals at 127kg and 129kg in five different age groups, U15, U17, U20, U23 and Seniors.
Another impressive result came from Tenishia Thornton starting the Snatch at 81kg and successfully continue increasing her lifts by 83kg and 85kg. In the Clean & Jerk opening at 101kg, unfortunately she missed the Jerk of her 2nd attempt at 104kg but this did not stop Thornton to secure her 3rd attempt at 106kg.  She managed to set 6 national records in the 64kg category with 106kg C&J and total at 191kg in 3 different age groups, U20, U23 and Seniors.
This competition was very important for both athletes, now that they are close to their high level competitions.
Kim Camilleri Lagana will compete in the IWF World Youth Championships in Durres Albania on 26th March. While Tenishia Thornton will compete in the EWF Seniors Championships (Olympic Qualification Event) in Yerevan Armenia on 17th April.

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