MWA and SportMalta event

A different type of weightlifting competition was underway this past weekend.

After the success of last years BeActive competition organised by SportMalta in collaboration with many different Sport federations including the MWA, all Maltese lifters were looking forward to this year’s edition. 
The lifters were grouped into 3 teams called Thunder Storm, Lion Jaw and Hurricane spin.
The winning team, Lion jaw, finished with 1203 points. The best results for this team came from 12 year old athlete Kim Camilleri Lagana who managed a 35kg snatch and 45kg clean and jerk breaking all cadet national records in the process. 10 year old Julia Grima was also a member of this team and managed a 35kg snatch and 41kg clean and jerk. 
Hurricance Spin finished in 2nd place with 1188 points. Yazmin Zammit Stevens who was part of this group managed to finish with 85kg in snatch and 108kg clean and jerk. She broke all national records in the 76kg weight category (weighing in at just over 71).

Her 108kg clean and jerk and 193kg total were an all time competition best for zammit stevens. She managed to contribute 235 points towards teh final result for her team.
Cadet athlete Aaliyah Gatt, another member of the Lion Jaw team, finished with personal best lifts at 26kg and 31kg in the snatch and clean and jerk respectively. She contributed 123 points for her team. Another respectable results from this team came from Shaun Ciantar (285 points).
Thunder storm placed in third place with 1179 points with the incredible efforts of the athlete forming part of it. Tenishia Thornton (15 years old), one of the group members of this team, finishing with 6 good lifts, all personal best attempts and all national records in the U15, U17, Junior, U23 and senior 55kg category (weighing in at only 49.5).

She managed her 3 snatch attempts at 62, 64 and 66kg followed by 78, 80, and 82kg in the C&J. Her efforts contributed to  229points. Thornton’s efforts have constantly improved over the years and has now reached top level as a senior athlete at only 15 years of age. She is the first ever Maltese athlete reaching the Diamond level in the MWA rankings. 
14year old Rylee Borg was also a member of Thunder storm, and also had a great showing in this meet. Borg managed to break all the national records in the U15 and U17 67kg weight category with his snatch attempts at 71, 74 and 77kg followed by his Clean and jerk attempts at 90, 94 and 97 kg.

Rylee, however young, is a veteran in the sport of weightlifting, and has been showing great progress in 2020. He contributed 242 points for his team.
Another great result coming from Thunder Storm was by senior athlete Anton Micallef. The athlete decided to play it safe during this event and went for power lifts during his performance.

He ended with 105kg in the snatch and 127kg in the clean and jerk to contribute 279 points to his team.