MWA Annual Awards 2022

The Malta Weightlifting organised the annual awards to honor the most successful athletes of the year 2022.

The  awards for the top ranked athletes were presented to  Tenisha Thornon she received the Diamond award for reaching 104.23% in international rankings, this is the highest award that can be reached in the MWA rankings.  Kim Camilleri Lagana received the Gold Award with 92.93%. The Bronze award was reached by Kaya Curmi Inguanez 83.27%, Yazmin Zammit Stevens 82.70%, Aaliyah Gatt 82.48%, Roberta Tabone 80.47% and Rylee Borg 78.15%.  Anton Micallef reached the A level with 72.32%.

Tenisha Thornton also received the Achievement award by doing 144 national records in 2022 followed by Rylee Borg with 69 records and Kim Camilleri Lagana with 12 national records.

The Most Improvement awards were presented to  Kaya Curmi Inguanez with 33.55 points followed by Mariah Grima 30.47 points and Michaela Bugeja 27.26 points.   Rheanna Briffa received the Most Improvement New-Comer with 34.79 poins.

Tenishia Thornton  received the Recognition award for her top 10 international competitions during 2022.

Certificates of Accomplishment was presented to Nathan Mifsud Cadet, Kaya Curmi Inguanez U-15, Mariah Bugeja, Mariah Grima, Tenishia Thornton U-17.