MWA organised its AGM

The Malta Weightlifting Association recently organised its annual general meeting, presided over by the association’s president, Jesmond Caruana. In his opening remarks, Caruana expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to the association for one of the most successful year in its history. He made special mention of the forty international medals won by Maltese weightlifters in various international competitions.

Matthew Camilleri, the association’s General Secretary, presented the annual report for 2023, highlighting the achievements of the association and its athletes over the past year. This included notable performances at international competitions and the continued efforts to promote weightlifting in Malta.

Matthew Abela, the association’s Treasurer, presented the financial report for 2023, outlining the association’s strong financial position and plans for the coming year. The report comprehensively outline the association’s robust financial standing and articulated its strategic initiatives for the forthcoming year. The disclosed information attested to the prudent financial management undertaken by the association, positioning it favorably to sustain its endeavors in the advancement of weightlifting in Malta.

The meeting also included the presentation of the technical report for 2023, outlining the association’s training and development programs and plans for the future. The association is committed to developing its athletes and coaches while increasing participation in weightlifting at the Youth and Junior levels.

Overall, the annual general meeting was a success, with the association’s leadership team outlining achievements and future plans. The Malta Weightlifting Association remains dedicated to promoting weightlifting in Malta and supporting its athletes to reach their full potential on the international stage.