MWA 1st Ranking Competition

Over the weekend, the Malta Weightlifting Association commenced its first ranking competition of the year, drawing a substantial number of athletes from various clubs. The event witnessed a remarkable participation of young athletes, adding excitement and energy to the competition.

Leading the charge was Malta’s top weightlifter, Tenishia Thornton, who is currently preparing for her last Olympic Qualification event in Thailand in April. In the 64kg category, Thornton delivered an outstanding performance, lifting six out of six and setting six national records across different age groups. Her achievements included lifts of 80-84-86 in the Snatch portion and 100-104-108 in the Clean and Jerk, culminating in an impressive total of 194kg.

The women’s events showcased other notable performances, with Kim Camilleri Lagana in the 49kg category achieving a 60kg snatch and setting a new personal best in the Clean & Jerk with 80 and 82kg, resulting in a total of 142kg. Kaya Curmi Inguanez exhibited determination in the U-17 55kg category, lifting six out of six with personal bests of 57kg in Snatch and 70kg in Clean & Jerk, totaling 127kg. Aaliyah Gatt, competing in the U-17 59kg category, demonstrated superiority with a Clean & Jerk personal best of 82kg, reaching a total of 139kg.

Among the men, NSS student Nathan Mifsud, with a bodyweight of only 50kg, successfully completed all six attempts. In the Snatch, he lifted 61-63-65kg, and in the Clean & Jerk, he managed 71-73-75kg, resulting in a total of 140kg and setting several national records in the U-15 and U-17 categories. In the U-13 category, NSS students Mattias Misfud and Gabriel Frendo secured commendable scores of 163 and 155 points, respectively.

Junior athlete Luke Treeby Ward displayed noticeable improvements, achieving a total of 215kg. Top junior athlete Rylee Borg began strongly with a 108kg snatch but opted to retire from the competition due to discomfort, focusing on upcoming international commitments. National athlete Anton Micallef faced challenges, missing key lifts but managing a total of 250kg in the 89kg category.