National Championship

The Malta Weightlifting Association season came to an end on Sunday with the Weightlifting National Championships.

After a year of cancelled and postponed events, many athletes weighed in on Sunday morning ready to finally showcase a year of hard work. 
The women’s competition was led by the youth, Tenishia Thornton from Alpha Weightlifting.

The 15 year old, fresh out of a historic performance at the online World Championships only two weeks ago where she won Malta’s first medal at such an event, finished as National Champion in the 55kg weight class with her 155kg total.

She managed a 70kg snatch and a 85kg clean and jerk breaking numerous national records in the process. Pamela Psaila (The PIT) won the 64kg weight class with her 65kg snatch and 88kg clean and jerk.
Many young girls were participating in the women’s group, with the most impressive result coming front 12 year old Kim Camilleri Lagana (Alpha WL) who finished with an impressive 37kg snatch and 46kg clean and jerk.

Her 83kg total names her national champion in the 40kg weight class. 10 year old Julia Grima (Alpha WL) managed a 38kg snatch and 47kg clean and jerk and was named national champion in the 45kg weight class. Aaliyah Gatt (Alpha WL), 12 years old, managed 28kg snatch and 35kg clean and jerk. 
The most impressive result from the males came from Kyle Micallef from Crossfit356. After a few years off from the weightlifting world, Micallef made a comeback with 115kg snatch and a massive 145kg clean and jerk winning the 81kg class with his 260kg total.

Anton Micallef finished in second place in the 81kg class with a 116kg snatch and 136kg clean and jerk. In thirs place, Shaun Ciantar, with 108kg in the snatch and 132kg in the clean and jerk.

Keith Azzopardi, also in the 81kg class, broke the U23 national record with his 99kg snatch attempt, and went on to finish with an impressive 120kg C&J.
The 89kg weight class was won by Daryl Borg, who finished with a 100kg snatch and a 122kg clean and jerk. Borg’s 222kg total was only 1kg ahead of second place. Matthew Camilleri finished with 100kg snatch and 121kg in the clean and jerk.
Fourteen-year old Rylee Borg (Alpha WL) dominated the 67kg weight class, lifting a personal best of 80kg in the snatch and another personal best of 100kg in the clean and jerk.

The 73kg weight class was won by Ryan Degiorgio from Crossfit 356, where he managed a 93kg snatch and a 115kg clean and jerk. He was followed by Daniel Cachia from the Pit, who managed a 90kg snatch and 110kg clean and jerk. Vlad Baldacchino won the 102kg weight class with a 125kg snatch and 145kg clean and jerk.
The MWA nationals mark the end of yet another year of maltese weightlifting.

Though this year has been a difficult one for athletes and non-athletes alike, the MWA has seen some historic and great results throughout the year nonetheless.

The MWA thanks the ongoing sports from SportMalta and the MOC as without them none of this years successes would have been possible.