New records set both in male and female competition


The Malta weightlifting association has just organised its second selection competition for the Mediterranean cup tournament that will soon be organised in Malta next October.

This competition was packed with action since 6 national records were broken. In first position came Clint Grech who snatched 90kg and clean and jerk 117kg doing 171 points. This meant a personal best in the total for this promising lifter. In second position came veteran lifter Noel Coleiro with a total of 221kg for 261points. In third position with a stunning performance came Christian Saliba with a national record in all 3 lifts in the junior 94kg category with a 90kg snatch, 120kg clean and jerk thus having a total of 210kg. This is a very good performance considering the Mediterranean cup is just a month away. In a respectable fourth position came Stephen Borg with a 90kg snatch, 117kg clean and jerk and a total of 207kg for 239points. In fifth place came Emmanuel Cammileri with 70kg snatch, 85kg clean and jerk, thus finishing with a total of 155kg for 221points. In sixth place came Ryan Aguis who performed 3 personal bests with 71kg in the snatch, 88kg clean and jerk and a total of 159kg. in seventh place came Rodmar Pulis with 209points who was unfortunate with not locking out the 100kg over head.. Simon Brincat took part in the competition registering a 70kg snatch and 90kg clean and jerk.

In the female section Nicole Gatt continued her positive performances with 3 national records in the youths 44kg category with 30kg in the snatch, 38kg in the clean and jerk thus totaling 68kg finishing with 112 points. In second position came Kimberly Coleiro with 35kg snatch 45kg clean and jerk earning 86points.

Malta team will compete in the Mediterranean cup in October will be composed of Clint Grech, Noel Coleiro, Christian Saliba and Nicole Gatt.