Podium finish in Maribor

Rylee Borg and Kim Camilleri Lagana have just participated in the European Youth Olympic Festival Weightlifting Promotional Competition in Maribor. Both athletes showcased their skills and secured podium positions in their respective categories.
Kim Camilleri Lagana, after her recent success at the Commonwealth Championships in India, performed exceptionally well once again, earning her second place in the female competition. Despite being the youngest lifter, she managed to accumulate 210 points, just a few points behind the Croatian lifter Chiara Reljac.
On the male side, Rylee Borg, who had already won two medals in the Commonwealth Championships, finished strong with 303 points, securing the third-place position. He was only a few points behind the Hungarian lifter Gabor Bunasz, while the competition was won by the Slovenian athlete Janez Paternoster.
It’s interesting to note that this competition differed from traditional weightlifting events as it took place on the streets in the center of Maribor. Additionally, the athletes had only two attempts instead of the usual three, making it a unique and exciting event for both participants and spectators.