Positive experience in the European Juniors & U-23

European Juniors & U-23A contingent of the Malta Weightlifting Association has just returned from Cyprus after participating in the Junior European Championships and the Under 23s.

In the Juniors Christian Saliba gave a good performance. However, it was very difficult for him to outclass his opponents as they were countries of world class stock. This category was dominated by countries like Russia, Turkey and Armenia. However, this has served as a positive competing experience for Christian who was accompanied by his coach David Saliba.

Kimberley Coleiro and Rodmar Pulis represented Malta in the 16 year olds juniors of the Mediterranean Tournament. Coleiro managed to break the national record for the youths and juniors in the snatch. Another positive result was achieved by Rodmar Pulis after finishing with a total of 184Kg that is a 4Kg increase on his last competition.

During their stay Pulis and Coleiro also attended a Training Camp run by the Albanian coach Perparim Ferunaj, during which these young lifters were given some good guidelines on technique. Mr.Ferunaj was assigned by the IWF and he is recognized as one of the eight experts chosen in the coaching of this sport. During this Training Camp Mr. Ferunaj imeediately spotted the potential in the Maltese athletes and invited them to attend another Training Camp in Albania.

Jesmond Caruana who accompanied the athletes as their coach also managed to revive and establish new contacts which would benefit the Maltese athletes to continue to improve their performances in Weightlifting.

On the 4th of December a group of Maltese Lifters will be going to London to represent Malta in a tournament against a selection of clubs from the United Kingdom.