Rodmar Pulis in the Asian-Arab Championship

Malta Weightlifting Association’s young sensation Rodmar Pulis last Tuesday 28th May participated in the Asian-Arab Championships held in Doha, Qatar. These served as preparation for the much anticipated Mediterranean Games to be held in Mersin, Turkey next month. Pulis was on top level during this event, breaking two national records – on in the Clean and Jerk lift, and the other in the ‘total’ – having a combined best Clean and Jerk and Snatch of 232kg, which in turn was converted to 293 Sinclair Points. This participation and rock-solid performance solidifies Pulis’ claim to being the only athlete from the Malta team to participate in such a prestigious European Competition – this did imply added pressure on the young Pulis in terms of both environment and level of competition, however the young lifter pulled through in stellar fashion, receiving praise from several top-ranking foreign officials, who also credited Malta Weightlifting Association President and acting coach Jesmond Caruana for the results achieved.