Rylee Borg with standout performance in the Malta Open Championships

Malta Weightlifting Association Hosts Successful Malta Open Championships

Over the weekend, the Malta Weightlifting Association organized the highly anticipated Malta Open Championships, a significant event where athletes from various age groups competed for the prestigious title of Malta Overall Champion for Men and Women.

The standout performer of the competition was by 17 years old ┬áRylee Borg, who showcased an exceptional display of strength and skill across both Junior and Senior categories. Borg’s impressive lifts included 109-113-116kg in the snatch and 136-142-146kg in the Clean & Jerk, culminating in a total of 262kg and an outstanding score of 334 points. Moreover, Borg shattered records by setting 8 national records across Junior, U23, and Senior divisions, solidifying his dominance in Maltese weightlifting.

Following closely behind was Shaun Ciantar, securing the second position with 313 points. Ciantar exhibited remarkable strength with lifts of 120kg in the Snatch and 148kg in the Clean & Jerk, culminating in a new national record in the 96kg category.

In the Under 15 and Under 17 categories, Nathan Mifsud emerged victorious, lifting a total of 154kg and scoring 264 points. Despite not surpassing his last week performance in Hungary, Mifsud’s prowess on the platform was evident.

Gabriel Frendo clinched the Cadet category title with a total lift of 88kg and a score of 167 points, further enhancing his reputation as a rising talent in Maltese weightlifting. Frendo also etched his name in the record books by setting three new national records in the 49kg category.

In the women’s categories, Kim Camilleri Lagana asserted her dominance by claiming victory in the Youth, Junior, and Senior divisions with an impressive score of 218 points. Lagana’s stellar performance was followed by Kaya Curmi Inguanez with 190 points and Aaliyah Gatt with 186 points. Mariah Bugeja delivered a commendable performance, securing fourth place in the Juniors category with a total lift of 140kg and a score of 168 points.

Mia Sant emerged as the victor in the girls’ cadet division, lifting a total of 32kg and scoring 61 points, showcasing promising potential for the future of Maltese weightlifting.

The Malta Open Championships witnessed remarkable displays of strength, determination, and sportsmanship from athletes across various age groups, promising an exciting future for weightlifting in Malta.