Six National records from two youths

The Malta Weightlfting Association launched its activities for this year with the first competition. This competition was a great success especially in the youths’ section were six national records were broken.

Sixteen year old Kimberley Coleiro broke two national records in the +69Kg youths and in +75kg juniors category both in the snatch. She managed to lift a total of 93 Kg.

Another positive result was achieved by Rodmar Pulis who at 16 years of age managed to break four national records in the 77Kg Youths’ category when he broke twice the snatch and the total record. He also broke another record in the Snatch Juniors. Pulis made a total of 190Kg.

Young Kirsten Coleiro gave a promising performance. At just 12 years old this lifter has excellent technique and he managed to improve his score to 81 points. Clint Grech had a good competition with a total of 198Kg. While Noel Coleirio lifted a total of 236Kg.

Two of the competitors in this event trained in the Nobel Club. It was the first time that lifters from this club took part in competitions organized by the MWA. The Club is run by Matthew Muscat Inglott and the athletes who competed were Cleaven Cutajar who lifted a total of 120Kg and Kristian Mintoff lifted a total of 193Kg.

The competition was run by Jesmond Caruana with the help of four technical officials; Stephen Borg, Simon Brincat, Ramona Borg and Gayle Caruana.