Successful Street Weightlifting

The Malta Weightlifting Association, in collaboration with SportMalta and the Marsaskala Local Council, organized the Street Weightlifting event at Marsaskala Promenade. The event attracted a significant number of the general public who came to witness the competition. Many young athletes participated in a competition with a unique format where each athlete had 30 seconds to lift the maximum weight in the Snatch and another 30 seconds to lift the maximum weight in the Clean and Jerk. Mixed teams of 6 athletes each competed against each other using the Sinclair point system. The winning team was Pyro Force with 5073 points, followed by Thunder Titans with 4725 points and Iron Claw with 4707 points.

The Best Male Athlete award was earned by Rylee Borg, who lifted 1245 kg in 1 minute and scored 1505 points. Tenishia Thornton emerged as the Women’s category winner by lifting 789 kg in 1 minute and scoring 1042 points.

1st Pyro Force Team (Rodmar Pulis 1502pts, Tenishia Thornton 1042pts, Rheanna Briffa 723pts, Mariah Grima 740pts, Matthias Mifsud 641pts, Roberta Cassar 425pts)

2nd Thunder Titans Team (Rylee Borg 1505pts, Kim Camilleri Lagana 937pts, Nathan Mifsud 817pts, Aaliyah Gatt 734pts, Luca Said 371pts, Sheldon Briffa 360pts)

3rd Iron Claw Team (Vlad Baldacchino 1219pts, Luke Treeby Ward 1019pts, Kaya Curmi Inguanez 903pts, Mariah Bugeja 721pts, Nathan Balzan 473pts, Larson Galea 371pts)