Superb performance in Taipei

Weightlifter Yazmin Zammit Stevens had an outstanding performance in the 63kg category at the World University Games in Taipei. Zammit Stevens has broken another 6 nationals records which means she has broken 53 senior national records in her career. She placed an impressive 19th place overall on the world stage, surpassing athletes from USA, Denmark, New Zealand, Russia and Thailand. The competition in Taipei was definitely the biggest event so far for Zammit Stevens, however, you could not tell by her tremendous confidence on the platform.

The snatch part of the event was proving to be difficult after her second attempt at 77kg was given 3 white lights by the referees but later changed to a no lift by the jury for an apparent elbow movement. She eventually failed her third attempt at 78kg which meant she was left with the 74kg lift she made on the first attempt (2 kilos under her best, and national record in this weight class)

Determined to make up for the lost kilos, she successfully opened her clean and jerks with a 93kg lift, which was 2 kilos higher than her best in this weight class. Zammit Stevens eventually went on to make her second and third lifts at 96kg and 98kg which meant all 3 lifts were national records, breaking all 3 total records along with it. Not only is as 98kg a whopping 7 kilos increase on her previous record, but it was a personal best lift (even in higher weight classes) of all times.