Tenisha Thorton at European Juniors

Tenisihia Thornton, a 17-year-old weightlifter, recently competed in the European Junior and U23 Weightlifting Championships in Albania. Despite being a youth athlete and competing against athletes up to 3 years older than her, Thornton managed to hold her own in the competition.

During the snatch portion of the competition, Thornton successfully lifted 78kg on her first attempt, which ranked her in 5th place overall. Unfortunately, she missed her second and third attempts at 80kg.

Moving on to the clean and jerk portion, Thornton opened with a successful lift of 98kg. Hoping to secure a medal, she attempted 101kg on her second lift but missed. She then attempted 102kg on her third lift, but was unsuccessful, ultimately finishing in 5th place in both the clean and jerk and total in the 55kg category.

Despite not securing a medal in this competition, Thornton has already achieved significant success in her weightlifting career. She was named youth World and Youth champion earlier this year, and has also competed in the Junior World Championships. Her respectable results in both the Junior European Championships and the Junior World Championships are especially impressive given her age.

Thornton’s dedication to her sport and impressive performances at such a young age suggest a bright future ahead for this talented weightlifter. As she continues to compete and gain experience, it will be exciting to see what she accomplishes in the years to come.