the 9th Mediterranean cup in malta

The (MWA) is in the final preparation now to hold the 9th Mediterranean  Cup in Malta, and the countries that already registered their teams to participate are Spain, France, San Marino, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Tunisia.

Malta athlete in action are Kyle Micallef, Ryan Agius, Noel Coleiro, Rodmar Pulis,  Owen Bugeja, Jovan Reljic, Daryl Psaila and  Matthew Camilleri. The women team athletes ane Krista Camilleri, Pamela Psaila, Sarah Grixti, Dorianne Attard, Hayley Mizzi and Nathalie Borg.

The Teams start arriving in Malta on the 18th when they will dedicate time for training with Maltese athletes. On the occasion a seminar will take place at the Plaza Hotel Sliema on the 20th from 16.00 to 17.00. Subject (NEW APPROACHES AND THERAPEUTIC PROSPECTS IN WEIGHTLIFTING) by Dr. Michele Attolico M.W.C. Medical, Scientific and research Commission, those interested contact the association.

Saturday 21st is the most eventful day, at the Cottonera sports complex the first competition of the day for men starts at 9.00 followed by second one at 11.30. At 14.00 there will be a short break from competitions but for the present public there will be a flag demonstration from the participating countries, some short speeches for the occasion and a spectacular show from local Rhythmic gymnasts.

Competitions will continue from 15.00 with the female category, followed by the last competition for men at 17.30. At the end of the competition there will presentations of winners.

This event is a good occasion for the public to come and support the local talent and watch a good level of performances from various athletes who have won several titles in the previous year. There is no entrance fee. Those that need more information can contact us.