The Malta Weightlifting Association organised the last event for 2015, the MWA Awards.

In a short speech the President of the MWA, mr. Jesmond Caruana, thanked all the athletes, officials, administrators and helpers, none the less the Malta Olympic Committee, Sport Malta, EWF, MWC, IWF and all other federations that gave their support for the development of the local weightlifting.

In 2015, the MWA participated 13 times in international competitions with a number of 34 athletes and 24 officials.

The speech was also focused on the international success obtained through the year both as individual and for national team.

The first presentation were the results obtained during the National Championship, the awards were given by MWA Treasure Ms. Ramona Borg, MWA General Secretary Mr. Jesmond Vassallo and MWA Honorary President Mr. Alfred Ellul Mercer.

The second part of the presentation was for the athletes that obtained high results through the year. The awards were presented by the Malta Olympic Committee (MOC) General Secretary Mr. Joseph Cassar and (MOC) Director of Sport Mr. Mario Micallef.

The Most Improvement Awards were won by Pamela Psaila 38.43 points and Anton Micallef 64.17 points.

The Most Achievement Award was won by Kieran Mifsud with 28 new national records.

Matthew Camilleri won the Most Promising Athlete while Andy Grech won the Commitment Award.

Last awards were given to the athletes that reached the highest level throughout the Year, Kieran Mifsud, Rodmar Pulis, Kyle Micallef, Ryan Agius and Owen Bugeja.