Thornton at World Champ.

Tenishia Thornton competed at the IWF Senior World Championships in Bogota, Colombia.

The current youth world champion took part in the 59kg category where she finished with 84kg on the snatch and 104kg on the clean and jerks.

Thornton’s efforts were not only personal bests for the 17-year-old, but she also broke four national records in the 59kg category in four different age groups.

However, even more impressive, the Maltese lifter broke the Commonwealth youth record which was previously held by Indian lifter Sakuma Adka from India at 180kg, as Thornton’s 188kg total topped this mark by eight kilograms. 

Thornton was the youngest athlete taking part and finished in 33rd place overall out of 52 athletes from all over the world.

She managed to superpass athletes from many lifters hailing from big countries including, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany among others.

These championships mark the first Olympic qualification event for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Thornton’s participation in this prestigious competition could not be possible without the support of the Maltese Olympic Committee.