The Malta weightlifting Association has just taken part in the Commonwealth Championships that were held in Cape Town South Africa. 130 Athletes from 25 countries participated from Commonwealth Countries such as India, Nigeria, New Zealand, England, Barbados and Oceanic Islands.

Representing Malta was seventeen year old Rodmar Pulis in the 77 Kilo Category. Rodmar successfully lifted a 96 Kg Snatch and a 117Kg Clean & Jerk. These positive results gained Rodmar the Silver Medal in the Youths Category. First place was won by India and Third place was won by South Africa.


Pulis also participated in the Juniors Championship, and in spite of him being the youngest lifter he still managed to clinch the third position. England won first place and India came Second.

Pulis could have gained better results if he had managed to hold on to the 120 Kg Clean & Jerk in his last attempt but it has to be said that the competition was intensely fought and Pulis was a good match for the other athletes’ persistence. During his stay in Cape Town Pulis enhanced his experience by taking  part in training session with various lifters. With these results Pulis also managed to break four National records.


The President of the Association Jesmond Caruana assisted the athlete in this competition as well as serving as technical official in a number of the competitions held. The participation of Malta was very important in these games as during the Congress  Malta presented a rapport to hold these games in 2013. Scotland and Wales also showed their interest to hold the Games.  But after evaluation the Executive Committee decided to give the honour to Malta. This is another milestone in the history of the Association. This event will also help in the preparation of athletes for the Games of 2014 to be held in Scotland.


The participation of Malta in this event was made possible by the help of  ‘Kunsill Malti ghall-Isport’.

At the end of the week a team of lifters made up of, Matthew Muscat Inglott, Clint Grech, Rodmar Pulis and Nicole Gatt together with Coach Noel Coleiro  and Jesmond Caruana as Official will participate in the Friendship Games between Malta and Sicily. This event is organised by the Malta Olympic Committee.