WWC Paris 2011

Jesmond CaruanaThe Maltese Weightlifting was represented by the President of the association Mr. Jesmond Caruana in the World seniors championships. These championships were held in the Walt Disney resort in Paris from 5th to 13th November 2011. Mr. Caruana had the role of referee,

Before the championships IWF launched an anti-doping campaign. Olympic champion 1992, 1996, 2000 and multiple world Champion Mr. Pyrros Dimas was invited to open this campaign.

519 Athletes participated in these championships, 221 from Europe, 152 Asia, 25 Africa, 96 America and 25 Oceania, 212 were women while 307 men.

Competition on the whole was successful, world records were broken too. Hristov Valentine from Azerbaijan competing in the 56kg category broke the world youth record with a lift of 154 kg Clean and Jerk this was the 1000th record broken with Eleiko barbells, the company presented a competition barbell to the athlete.

Chinshanlo Zulfija from Kazakhstan in the 53 kg category broke the world junior and senior record with a lift of 130kg Clean and Jerk and the total of 227Kg in the juniors.

Tsarukaeva Nadezda from Russia competing in the 63kg category broke the world record with a lift of 117 kg Snatch.

Nadeza Evtyukhina from Russia competing in the 75kg category broke the world record with a lift of 163 kg Clean and Jerk.

Kashirina Tatiana from Russia competing in the 75+kg category broke the world record with a lift of 147 kg snatch in juniors and seniors while Zhou Lulu from China in the same category broke the world record with a total of 328 kg.

Disneyland Weightlifting Dome witnessed its last but greatest competition, after thousands of people raised to their feet applauding Iranian modern-day Hercules Bedhdad Sallmi when he snatched 214kg and broke the world record previously by the Iranian Hossein Rezazadeh, who snatched 213 kg in 2003.

China won the Women team, Russia 2nd and Kazakhstan 3rd.

China won the Men team too, Russia 2nd and Iran 3rd.

Women overall classification, Tsarukaeva Nadezda from Russia 333points, Kashirina Tatiana from Russia 331 points and Zhou Lulu from China 328 points.

Men overall classification, Lu Xiaojun from China 472points, Akkaev Khadzhimurat from Russia 470 points and Klokov Dmitry from Russia 447 points.Behdad Salimi after the world record