Young talent competition

The Malta Weightlifting Association organised a ranking competition for young athletes in the Under-13 boys and Under-17 girls categories. The event, held at the Cottonera Sport Complex, provided an opportunity for new participants to showcase their talent. These competitions play a crucial role in instilling confidence and nurturing the potential of young weightlifters.

The U-13 boys’ category witnessed impressive performances, with several athletes showcasing their skills. Matthias Mifsud emerged as a standout participant, achieving remarkable results. Competing at a bodyweight of 27.8kg, Mifsud lifted a total of 44kg, earning him a score of 133 points. His outstanding performance also saw him break national records in the cadet’s category. Following closely behind Mifsud was Gabriel Frendo, who lifted a total of 54kg at a bodyweight of 38kg, earning him 116 points. Luca Said secured the third position by lifting a total of 76kg and scoring 105 points.

The U-17 girls’ category was also highly competitive, with notable performances from talented athletes. Yazmin Camilleri emerged as the top performer, showcasing her strength and determination. Camilleri lifted a total of 73kg, earning a score of 86 points. The competition in this category was intense, with Mariah Magri closely trailing Camilleri, lifting a total of 65kg and scoring 84 points. Krista Bonnici secured the third-place position, displaying commendable skills and determination.

Ranking competitions like this one organised by the Malta Weightlifting Association are of immense importance for young athletes. They provide a platform for new participants to gain exposure, experience, and recognition. These events not only allow young athletes to showcase their abilities but also enable them to set and break records, pushing the boundaries of their performance. Moreover, such competitions foster confidence-building among young weightlifters, encouraging them to pursue their passion for the sport and strive for excellence.