ZKC international club tournament

Five Maltese clubs affiliated with Malta weightlifting Association newly participated in the ZKC international club tournament organised by the Oceania federation. 415 athletes from 63 clubs from various countries around the world took part in this prestigious tournament.

Maltese clubs results were very encouraging. The Starmax female team led by Mark Farrugia obtained a very good position, scoring 102 points and gaining fourth position from 36 Club, nothing less winning against the best Australia female club Cougars. The best female athlete Nicole Gatt lifting the total 107 kilos gained first place in the youth level and the sixth position in the overall among fourteen athlete.


The male competition was much harder as the number of athletes was of 291; the best Maltese club in competition was the Cottonera Centre led by Jesmond Caruana placed 25th position among 51 clubs. Certainly the best personal result were of Robmar Pulis where with the total lift of 241 kilos placed third in the Juniors and fifth in the overall among 53 athletes, wining against the best Australian athletes, this is a good step for Pulis as he is one of the athletes aspiring to qualify for the commonwealth Games in Glasgow next year.